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Everyone would have known about the most popular TV Reality Show Bigg Boss. First Bigg Boss was introduced in the Mumbai and later it was dropped by them later it was again started by Vijay TV in Tamil. It has become a huge hit all over South India. However, After seeing the reach of the Bigg Boss Show every Channel has started the Bigg Show in different States. Bigg Boss is now conducted in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote and Much More.

Bigg Boss is a reality show with contestants are asked to stay in the house and do their tasks assigned to them. So, Everyone has to remain calm, safe inside the house to win the Contest with a prize of 50 lakhs. Every week there will be an elimination which will be decided by the audience by Google Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote. The Contestants who are in the danger zone are selected by the voting process inside the house. Housemates have to cast their votes to eliminate a person. Those who get the maximum number of Votes will be nominated for the Elimination Process. Actually, there many rules and guidelines available in the Bigg Boss house, it has to be followed otherwise they will be eliminated.

Bigg Boss Malayalam:

Bigg Boss Malayalm Online Voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Online

However, Bigg Boss online Voting is conducted by Asianet through Google. Because is the trusted one and everyone has an email ID to Vote for their Favorite Contestants to keep them Safe inside the house. Malayalam Super Star Mohanlal is the host for last season. There were a huge hit and expectation was on the Bigg Boss Season 2 on the upcoming Season. Lot more New Contestants are getting ready for the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 with a lot of new tasks, new house and much more.

Mostly Everyone wants to know who is going to evict during this week before the announcement of Bigg Boss. Because they want their favorite contestant to remain inside the house. So, Here You can get to know Bigg Boss Vote Poll conducted by us to know the most popular contestant who will remain inside the house.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Timings

Mostly, Everyone is not aware of the timing, and the details of the Bigg Boss TV Shows. Here you can find the complete details of the Bigg Boss Malayalam TV Show.

TV Show: Bigg Boss Malayalam

TV Channel: Asianet TV

Host: Mohanlal

Season: 2

Launch Date: 24th June 2018

Telecast Time: 9:30 PM

Telecast Days: Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

No. Of Episodes: 100

Genre: Reality Show

Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting/ Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss malayalam Vote

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 2

Note: This Bigg Boss Vote Poll Does Not Affect the real Voting process of Bigg Boss Conducted by Asianet in anyways. This Vote Polling is for the people to know their Favorite Contestants.

How to Vote Google Bigg Boss Malayalam

Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting/Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam: Every Week there will be an elimination and it will be decided by the Online Voting. Do Every People have a doubt that how to Vote Bigg Boss Malayalam?. So, Here you can find simple steps to Vote for your Favorite contestants with a Google Mail ID. Just you can follow the steps below to Vote Bigg Boss Malayalam to keep your Favorite Contestants safe.

Step1: Open Up a Browser on your Mobile or Desktop

Step2: In Google Search, Type Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam (or) Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote (or) Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting.

Step3: In Google, You can find the elimination contestants result.

Step4: Click on Vote, you instruct to log in using Email ID.

Step5: Just Enter your Mail ID Details and Login to Cast Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote.

Step6: Each person or each Mail ID can cast 10 Votes Daily.

Step7: Click on Submit.

The Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting is Over. Just wait for the result to publish on the upcoming Week of the Bigg Boss Show. If You are eagerly waiting to see the people favorite or Whos is gonna remain inside the house or whose gonna eliminate this week?. Just Vote on the Bigg Boss Vote Poll above and get to know about the result.

Bigg Boss Contestant Details

Still Bigg Boss has not Started so wait for the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2. Everyone is waiting for the Contestants and the tasks going to happen inside the house.

Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam through Missed Call

However, Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam through Missed Call is also available. Most of the People are struggling to vote for their favorite contestants online so there is an option to vote through a Missed call. Every Contestant will have a Number, just dial the number from your Phone Number. Automatically, it will cast your vote to that contestants.

Actually, the people who are outside India are not eligible to cast their vote through Missed Call. The Tool-Free number for Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is available only during the Eviction Time.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 Winner

1Sabumon AbdusamadWinner
2Pearle MaaneyRunner-Up
3Shiyas KareemThird place
4Srinish AravindFourth place
5Aristo SureshFifth Place

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 Contestants Details

S.NoHousemate NameProfessionEviction Status
1.Aditi RaiFilm actressEvicted on Day 95
2.Anoop ChandranFilm, TV actorEvicted on Day 70
3.Archana SuseelanTV actressEvicted on Day 91
4.Aristo SureshFilm actor, SingerFifth place
5.Basheer BashiEntrepreneur, ActorEvicted on Day 84
6.David JohnModel, TV actorEvicted on Day 7
7.Deepan MuraliTV actorEvicted on Day 28
8.Diya SanaActivistEvicted on Day 42
9.Hima ShankarFilm, Theater artistEvicted on Day 21
Re-entered on Day 49
Re-evicted on Day 77
10.Manoj K. VermaBusinessmanWalked on Day 4
11.Pearle MaaneyTelevision anchor, Film actress, Video JockeyRunner-up
12.Ranjini HaridasTelevision personalityEvicted on Day 63
13.Sabu monActor, Television anchorWinner
14.Shweta MenonFlim actorEvicted on Day 35
15.Sreelakshmi SreekumarTelevision anchor, Film actressEvicted on Day 27
16.Srinish AravindTV actorFourth place
17.Anjali Ameer [Wild Card Entry]Model, Film ActressEntered on Day 35
Walked on Day 45
18.Shiyas Kareem [Wild Card Entry]Model, Pageant Winner, ActorEntered on Day 15
Third place

Task and Eviction details of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1

Week 1:


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